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New regulations in Spain

author: netopartners May 5, 2021

Spain’s Ministry for Consumer Affairs has further tightened gambling regulations in 2021, with new measures for action, intervention, control, prevention, awareness raising and player safeguarding being a key priority. 

The new regulations for the Spanish market are being implemented from 1st May! Below, we will tell you all you need to know to promote Gratogana effectively.

By now we are sure you’ve checked out and are happily promoting our sparkly new Spanish beauty, GratoGana, and read all about the brand’s awesome offerings, so here are the basics to ensure that you are promoting the brand in accordance with the new Spanish regulations which have now come into effect.

New marketing guidelines to promote GratoGana:

  • When promoting the brand, you may not use materials that:
    – use graphic representations of money or luxury goods
    – incite thoughtless or compulsive gambling, or present the above gambling patterns as stimulating or attractive practices.
    – mislead players about the likelihood of winning or suggest that repetition of playing the game increases the likelihood of winning.
    – convey a false or misleading perception of the gratuitousness or inexpensiveness of any promotion or lead to confusion regarding the nature of the game.
    – include testimonials from previous beneficiaries, real or figurative, of the promotion.
    – are based on the gamer’s ability.
  • Forbidden to communicate any info about promotion and bonuses to players 
  • You may not use celebrities to promote gambling.
  • TV & Radio: commercial communications are restricted to the window of time between the hours of 1.00 AM and 5.00 AM.
  • You can’t use child appealing assets on your advertising
  • Social networks audience: You may only target an audience that has a pre-existing interest in gambling.

If you have any questions regarding the new regulations or would like assistance navigating the creation of new marketing materials for GratoGana, please contact your NetoPartners account manager who will gladly assist you.

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